If you are or have ever been involved in construction, then you are conversant with laying a good foundation for a building. To lay a good foundation, involves excavating the top soil which is weak to the point where you are on hard rocky ground. It’s none the wiser to build on shifty foundation which when the elements of weather come will sweep the building away or the building itself can collapse on its own weight and kill people.

Jesus himself said, as wise men, we must build on a rock and not sand Mathew 7:24-27. We must seek to build our lives on the firm foundation (that is God’s word), to have a better life. But because of our frailties, most of us build our lives in dark places. We pretend, we are Christians but behind the façade there is drama going on. Soon enough, what was hidden catches up with us because we cannot build a successful life without God.


In Gen 11:1-8, At one time the people of the world spoke the same language and used the same words. As the people migrated to the east, they found a plain in the land of Babylonia and settled there. They began to say to each other, “let’s make bricks and harden them with fire.” (In this region bricks were used instead of stone and tar was used for mortar.) “then they said, “come let’s build a great city for ourselves with a tower that reaches the sky. This will make us famous and keep us from being scattered all over the world.”

But the lord came down to look at the city and the tower the people were building. “look” he said. “the people are united and speak the same language. After this, nothing they set out to do will be impossible for them! Come, let’s go down and confuse the people with different languages. Then they won’t be able to understand each other.” In that way, the lord scattered them all over the world and they stopped building the city. 


God hated the pride and arrogance that these descendants of Noah had because they thought they were mighty like God himself. So, when they set to build a monument of ‘their greatness,’ God stepped in from heaven and confused their language scattering them all over the world for they couldn’t understand one another.

From this except, we glean that their motivation for building the city was wrong;

  1. They wanted to do something significant for themselves(purpose)
  2. They wanted to make a name for themselves(identity)
  3. They didn’t want to be scattered(security)

It’s not that God has a problem with us pursuing our purpose, he only has a problem with the reason behind it. When we turn our pursuits to only be about me, myself and I, it warps from the purposes of God. Currently, our country is at a fork in the road. When we only think it’s about my ‘tribe’ and that it’s ‘our turn to eat’, what we are displaying is arrogance.

God+pride and arrogance are not on the same plane.

We must let our words and actions pass through the gates of tolerance and peace to excel in whatever pursuits we endeavor. If for the most part we as Christians pursued Jesus with the same zeal we do our politicians, we would change the world.


In the subsequent chapter, God tells Abraham to leave his father’s house and move to a different land. He heeds the call. God tells him;

  1. I will make you into a great nation (identity)
  2. I will bless you and make you famous, and you will be a blessing to others. (purpose)
  3. I will bless those who will bless you and curse those who curse you. (security)

Looking at the promises God gives Abraham, it mirrors exactly what the descendants of Noah were after. But they sought these things out of their own pride and in competition with God. It looks no different, but the difference lies in one being able to submit to the authority of God and not think they can make it on their own without him.

Our country’s state of affairs is one where we are jostling for positions of power thinking it will solve our problems. From these biblical account, that is never the case. No matter who becomes president, your refuge as a child of God is not guaranteed.

The only person who can guarantee you and I a great future and eternal life is Jesus Christ. He knows we are in need of identity, purpose and security. And he offers it for us without us compromising our foundations in him. He is all we need for a better future.

For us to avoid faulty foundations and be ambassadors of christ as the light of the world we must;

  1. Be willing to die to the flesh: it must ring true in our talk and actions that we must hate anybody on the basis of tribe. We must choose not to label anybody and practice tolerance even when our communities speak on the contrary. Whatever we hinge our beliefs about other tribes should change for God created all of us equal. Martin Luther aptly said in his speech, I have dream,


‘I have a dream that my four children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.’


We must bear the burden of inclusion, and brother hood if we are to be true disciples of Jesus. He exemplified tolerance to all, loved all, and died for all of us for we are all created by the same God.


  1. We must die to sin: as believers, we must know the disguises of sin and acknowledge that the only way to overcome it is by dying to it. Sin will always
  2. Take you further than you are willing to go
  3. Keep you longer than you are willing to stay
  4. Cost you more than you are willing to pay

Let us lay our foundations in God’s word and submit to Jesus Christ and our cares shall be taken care of. It will cost you less if you trust Jesus, because he already paid the price for you and I to access life in its abundance.


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