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The main theme in the book of Exodus is Redemption (which means to buy back). For

example, if someone had another person’s debt, they would have to give themselves to

them as a slave to work for them till the debt was paid. If it so happened that a relative

heard of the persons plight, choose to come in and pay the debt, he or she would be buying

back their freedom and in so doing, redeem them. This was a common practice in the

Middle East at that time. Another way of redemption was in the year of Jubilee (once

every 50 years), slaves would be freed and debts canceled. However, 50 years was a long

time to wait for this kind of redemption.

Thank God that we live in a dispensation of grace where we do not have to wait for a

person to redeem us or for 50 years. The sacrifice on the cross by Jesus Christ

redeemed us.

To understand the book of Exodus, we need to go back to where it all started in the book

of Genesis. There is no beginning without God. The climax of creation is man (one made in

his own image and likeness) and woman. A woman is simply a man with a womb. They

enjoyed fellowship with God in the garden. While this is going on, rebellion is brewing in

the heavens led by satan (who was the chief musician then) who sought to destroy that

which God had created. He left heaven with a third of the angels. Adam and Eve fall into

sin after being tempted by satan who manifested himself as a serpent. That which God had

perfected in creation was corrupted in sin. Then God puts in place a redemption plan to

bring back mankind to himself.

First promise of redemption is found in Gen 3:15, “and I will put enmity between you and

the woman, and between your offspring and hers; he will crush your head and you will

strike his heel.” Christ is born generation later and crushes the satan and gives us victory

over sin and death.

Gen 6 – wickedness abounds in the earth and God wipes out the earth leaving only a few

remnants to redeem mankind.

Gen 12 – he calls out Abraham (who was a pagan then) and begins to speak to him and tells

him of his promises. He tells him that out of Abraham that would be as numerous as the

sand on the sea shore and the stars in the sky. It is from this generation that we see a

Messiah born who redeems us.

The book of Genesis (that started on such glory and majesty), ends on a very sad note. Gen

50:26 “So Joseph died at the age of a hundred and ten. And after they had embalmed

him, he was placed in a coffin in Egypt.”

EXODUS 1:1-7

Between Genesis chapter 50 and Exodus chapter 1 is a 400 year gap. The journey of

Joseph begins in his fathers’ house (Jacob) in Israel. His father loves him more than the

rest of his brothers and this fuels their hatred for him. His dreams make them even more

angry and jealous which leads them to hatch a plot to get rid of him. They sell him off to

the Egyptians and lie to their father that he has been killed. Joseph moves from pit, to

prison and eventually to the palace where he is the prime minister. In a twist of fate, he

saves his family (70 of them) from famine and brings them to the land of Egypt to save

them. The Israelites grow in number (to about 3 million over the 400 years) after the

death of Joseph and his family. Here we see the fulfillment of the promise to Abraham of

the increase of his descendants.

God allowed the children of Israel to be in Egypt for 400 years because:

1. For them to increase and populate Egypt – they increased from 70 to 3 million in

400 years.

2. To prepare the promised land for them – the Amorites were in the land of promise

and had increased in iniquity. He was giving them time to repent and come back to

him (400 years). Here we see the grace and mercy of God for people.

EXODUS 1:8-10

A king shows up who has nothing to do with Joseph and his people. This means that the

children of Israel had enjoyed favor for 400 years with the different kings. The man is so

insecure about the Israelites that he puts a plan in place to deal with them shrewdly

through slavery.

God is a God of purpose. God can orchestrate events in a place you used to be comfortable

and suddenly you no longer have favor in that place. For example, your boss (in a place or

company) used to show you favor and then another boss shows up who doesn’t care about

you. Sometimes when that happens we begin to bind demons and panic and ask “I used to

be comfortable here, how come I don’t have favor anymore?” What you don’t realize is

that God in his purpose for your life is making you uncomfortable probably because you

have become too comfortable in that place and he is ready to push you to the next level.

When one is comfortable it is very difficult to move.

The eagle can fly to very high heights. She will set up a nest on the highest point possible

when she is about to lay eggs. She will cushion the nest very well for the eaglets and feed

the young ones when they hatch. All the eaglets have to do at that stage is sit, open their

mouths and they are fed by the mother. There are seasons in life where all you do is open

your mouth and God feeds you.

As they grow older, their mother instinctively realizes it is time to move the young ones to

the next level. The first thing she does is stops the feeding program. She then moves on

to destroying the nest and making it very uncomfortable for the eaglets to live in. It

dawns on little ones that they have to find a way to survive as the nest is extremely

uncomfortable. It must be a very confusing period for them to see their mother do this to

them. Before they realize it, they are soon flying and gliding the skies and hunting for

themselves. The uncomfortable situation set up by their mother brings them to a new

realization and destiny – that they can fly and hunt for themselves. They realize that

though it was painful and confusing, they have grown and are in a greater level than


Sometimes you and I are like those little eaglets. Sometimes God will make you

uncomfortable in a place you used to be comfortable. Sometimes God will withdraw his

divine favor in a place you used to have favor, not because he has forgotten you, not

because the enemy has taken over. All God is doing is that he is trying to get you to

understand that that is not your destiny, that’s not the destiny he had for you. That

whatever He can do, you can also do it. God is our mother eagle and he knows that the nest

will derail your flying and hunting. He is calling us to soar on the wings of His Holy Spirit,

just like the eagle.

The children of Israel, in a place they had found favor, suddenly became uncomfortable, it

became a place of slavery. This is only because God was getting ready to get them out of

the land of Egypt as Egypt was not their destiny.

This is a word for someone this year. Some of you are working in places where you will no

longer be working by mid this year. Some businesses are yet to be born in this place but

God will destabilize where you are because He is pushing you to your destiny.


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