The theme verse of this month for us as Citam Ngong, is– It’s important for us to know congregationally when God is speaking to us. In doing so, we acknowledge that he’s sovereign and is preparing us for something new.

The first batch of the children of Israel, had returned to Jerusalem from captivity, and the word of the lord came through prophet Haggai to Zerubbabel the governor of Jerusalem that he would rebuild the temple of the lord which was destroyed by king Nebuchadnezzar. Initially, it had looked like a small thing, but hindrances kept the temple from being finished because the remnant of the children of Israel lacked enough finances to complete the project.

The older generation among them were reminded of the glory of Solomon’s temple which as we know was adorned with precious stones arrayed in all manner of goodly furnishings. But it’s not how beautiful the building is that attracts God’s presence but the worship of the people. Even as we occupy the new sanctuary, we should know that god does not dwell in houses made of stone but in the hearts of men.

The days of glory is ahead of us as Citam Ngong as an assembly and not necessarily in the magnificence of the structure we’ve build. It therefore calls us to the realization that though God has done this great thing in ensuring we have a beautiful sanctuary, there’s more he needs from us than wonderful structures of worship.


God recognizes the place of leadership and speaks to the congregation of Israel through the Zerubbabel the governor of Judah and Joshua the high priest. One was the political leader and the other was the spiritual leader. God knows that for the people to experience his glory, they must be united under the authority of anointed men of God.

As Citam Ngong assembly, our glory is not behind us but lies ahead of us. We must rally behind the incoming pastor to experience the glory that God has set before us.

In psalms 133:1-3,

How good and pleasant it is when brothers and sisters live together in unity. It’s like precious oil poured on the head and running down on the beard, running down on Aaron’s beard, running down on upon the collar of his robes. It is as if the dew of Hermon was falling on mount Zion. For there the lord bestows his blessing, even life forevermore.

Wouldn’t it therefore make sense to speak in one voice in support of our new pastor and deputy pastor and deputy pastor? For what benefit is it to us if we do not attract the lord’s blessings by not supporting them?

We should pray for him, reassure and rally around him even in his imperfections. For if we were to look for imperfections we will find. If we were to look to criticize him, we will-for it doesn’t take an anointing to criticize, anyone can. We must encourage him for it is hard to walk in a pastor’s shoes. One sometimes spends sleepless nights worrying about his congregation.

God chose them and not you and I to be the pastor, and so to experience his goodness, glory, blessings, healings we must take it upon ourselves and silence every spirit if division among us in order to bear witness to the magnificence he has instore for us.

I am grateful for the 7 years I have been here with you, but no God has appointed another in my place. Accord him the same support you did me and you will be witnesses to the Good of the land, because in all of you I see a people God is using and will continually use to reach others who are lost.


In the same chapter, God says he will declare peace. We need to understand that all authority comes from the lord. Whether political or religious. For the most part of this year, we’ve seen political orientations and realignments and it has found its way even to the church. Let it be known to all, that it is God who raises one leader and lowers another.

There’s no leadership crisis in heaven. Even as we go to the ballot, it should be clear to all that God knows who is going to be the president of this country. As we run with his declaration that there will be peace- you and I should do our part and let him do his. Let us not as Christian folk crucify each other on social media even if it offers us anonymity. God is watching.

Let not what you and I post on the various platforms contradict our testimony as believers. Peace should be the tune that characterizes the song we sing, the posts we share and our interactions. It is in doing so that we will keep our testimony intact as followers of Christ.



Much as the major construction of the sanctuary is almost complete, we need a team of people who would volunteer and do landscaping of the grounds of the sanctuary. God has blessed us with land and we must utilize ever space available to us. The ground is suitable for a resting place, a place to come and worship in silence even on weekdays. It shouldn’t just be a Sunday affair for us an assembly.


As we occupy the new sanctuary, we can all see the magnificence of the building. But with it comes more expenses, in electricity and labor to keep the place as neat. God is telling us that whatever we need for the smooth running of this assembly, he has already gone ahead of us and provided.

Even with all the beauty, we should know that this world is not our home. Jesus himself went ahead of us to make us a place in eternity. Let us not forget to engage ourselves with the business of eternity choosing to only marvel at what he has done here for us.

While the aesthetics of sanctuary is incomparable to the tent we had previously, that should not be the end game. This new sanctuary is about reaching the lost, it should be about healing the sick, and setting free captives of Saturn. It must be about attracting more of God’s presence and nothing else-its present glory must exceed the former house.


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August 16, 2017

August 16, 2017

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